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Welcome to Trinity Bio Chem. Our no-nonsense approach is creating a buzz in the industry and more importantly, it’s putting money into people’s pockets. If you have a crop underway and haven’t heard of us until now, it’s probably because your neighbour is trying to keep things quiet!

About Us

Trinity Bio Chem is focused on maximizing yield potentials using sustainable products and solutions.

We Use Zymino™ Technology

Zymino™ Technology results from a passionate search for a natural way to create a soil amendment technology that addresses the issues facing modern agriculture.

There have been significant advancements in farming over the past decades. Our Zymino™ Technology creates a positive NET effect in the search to amend some of the most challenging soil conditions facing farmers today.

Our Products

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Tap on a product for a full description & more.


NutriClaw is our foundational product. NutriClaw focuses on the health and problem areas like compaction, hardpan, alkalinity and saline soils. Due to the high carbon content in humic acids, NutriClaw will dramatically increase microbial activity in the soil. This is very advantageous when dealing with trash on the land. NutriClaw’s triple chelating technology helps release tied up nutrients in your soils, launching them into the roots of your plants.
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TNT aids in the early growth and development of root and root hairs. Utilizing Zymino technology, it is designed to assist in nutrient uptake and utilization, seed health and chlorophyll transfer. It can be applied with other seed treatments or as a standalone.
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We have now established a good foundation in the soil with Grip, NutriClaw and TNT. FB23 will now push your plants potential with a multitude of PGR’s, amino acids, enzymes, kelp, yucca and another solid dose of NutriClaw as well. This is designed to increase your plants brix level to help defend it against pests, disease and frost due to increased chlorophyll transfer and nutrient uptake.
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Grip is a water-based dust suppressant for granular fertilizers and can also be incorporated into liquid fertilizers. This is done at a rate of 4L/ton. Grip’s formulation not only suppresses dust but also helps with the release of phos and micros in the soil and stabilizing nitrogen.
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Where can I buy it?

From a retailer near you. If they don’t have it yet, give us a call.