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Maximizing Seed Potential

TNT is seed dressing. It is designed to chelate and process nutrients, thus enabling vigorous root development and strong plant growth. Combining Zymino™ Technology, humic acid, amino acids, and kelp, TNT dramatically increases seed germination and boosts nutrient uptake at the early stages of plant growth.

Zymino Technology™

Zymino™ Technology is a harmonized combination of prebiotics and biostimulants. Scientifically designed to maximize crop health, they amplify the symbiotic relationship between the plant and the soil. By stimulating the robust growth of roots and shoots, and by enhancing the plant’s ability to photosynthesize, nutrient uptake is boosted as is the plant’s resistance to disease and stress. Soil organic matter is improved when plant root growth is increased, and roots remain in the soil after harvesting. Zymino™ Technology gives you the potential to produce greater crop yields and increase profitability.