About Trinity Bio Chem


Our company focuses on a simple premise. People care about results, and getting great results using nature and natural ingredients is where it’s at. Our technology is cutting-edge, and gives you what you’re looking for, results, naturally!

Welcome to Trinity Bio Chem. Our no-nonsense approach is creating a buzz in the industry and more importantly, it’s putting money into people’s pockets. If you have a crop underway and haven’t heard of us until now, it’s probably because your neighbour is trying to keep things quiet!

We’re based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where farmers are already experiencing the awesome effects our trademarked Nutrient Extraction Technology (NET) provides.


Our products are completely solutionized, not solubilized.

It means all our products are completely attached to water molecules, rather than being mixed with water to create the liquid solution you are used to.

Imagine never having a plugged sprayer or nozzle while using a piece of vital equipment.

Imagine never having to worry about dust as you combine.

Imagine being able to gain crop bushels from ground previously completely unproductive, whether headlands or not.

Our Team

Meet our District Sales Managers and Customer Relations Team.

Reiny Plewis

Canadian Sales Coordinator

Southern Alberta - Southern Saskatchewan - Manitoba (587) 691-1177

Mike Crane

Canadian Sales Manager

Central/Northeast Alberta - Central/West Saskatchewan - Northern Saskatchewan (403) 588-0207

Bruce Deg

Producer Rep

Central West Saskatchewan (306) 741-1920

Kevin Carroll

Producer Rep

Central/Northwest Alberta (403) 302-3925

Ben Hill

Distributor Rep

Southern Alberta (403) 715-9696

Rick Rosychuk

Producer Rep

Central/Northern Alberta (780) 826-9611

Brian Saville

Producer Rep

Northeast Alberta (780) 872-1931

Bob Frey

Producer Rep

North/Eastern Saskatchewan (306) 231-5365

Randy King

Producer Rep

Southeast Saskatchewan (306) 621-2632

Kayli Erin

Producer Rep

Central Alberta (403) 588-5444

Austin Plewis

Producer Rep

Southern Saskatchewan (306) 750-1197

Eric Franklin

Producer Rep

North/Central Saskatchewan (306) 717-5140

Vanessa Bell

Territory Manager

Southeast Saskatchewan (306) 640-7221

Kortni Harness

Distributor Rep

Northern Manitoba (204) 731-1881

Christine Jones

Distributor Rep

Southern/East Central Saskatchewan (306) 338-7757

Dawson Malenfant

Distributor Rep

Northeast Saskatchewan/Alberta (306) 480-9460

Jeff Ross

Distributor Rep

Southern Manitoba (204) 441-1418

Melissa Severson

Producer Rep

Northwest/Central Manitoba (204) 281-0620

Randy Jensen

Distributor Rep

Central/Northern Alberta (403) 302-8359

Where Can I Buy It?

From a retailer near you. If they don’t have it yet, give us a call.